Our Story - Bakery in Lynden


Chad and Julee Simmons

In 1907, just 16 short years after Lynden’s official incorporation, a bakery opened in Lynden to serve the small yet growing community. 109 years later, that bakery still serves this community as the Lynden Dutch Bakery. And this year, on Lynden’s 125th anniversary date, the Lynden Dutch Bakery opened their new Just Desserts shop across town at Fairway Center. 

Lyndenites Chad and Julee Simmons have owned the Lynden Dutch Bakery for just about a year and a half, but spent a few years involved behind the scenes prior to taking ownership. “We are fortunate to become involved in an institution far bigger than ourselves — we want to be good stewards of it and find the best way forward,” Chad shared. (excerpt from Our Lynden)

Special Dutch Treats

Lynden Dutch Bakery is known for its orange-colored theme and it's signature Dutch bakery items such as Poffertjes muffin, almond tart, Speculaas cookies, Oliebollen, and Dutch sausage rolls. The Dutch have even been credited with inventing the donut! We are proud of our heritage here in Lynden.



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