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Our Lynden Dutch Bakery was featured in the very prestigious Bellingham Alive Magazine!


February 7, 2018  "For 111 years, Lynden Dutch Bakery has been serving communities north of the greater Seattle area. 

Originally, the bakery made and distributed bread for most people living north of Everett..." Click below to continue reading.

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Our Bakery in Lynden - Recognition & Community Outreach

Lynden Dutch Bakery apple pie gets top-10 ranking!



Lynden Tribune September 22, 2017

LYNDEN — Tripping.com, a popular vacation rental and tourism website, has named Lynden Dutch Bakery third among its top-ten places to find the best apple pie in America.

“This roadside hole in the wall is the perfect place to stock up on America’s favorite treat when going to or from Canada. The apple pie is especially good when the fruit is in season, freshly trucked in from Eastern Washington where it grows in seemingly endless bushels,” the website states.

Pie Lab in Greensboro, Alabama, landed the top spot, and Cowbell in New Orleans took second.

“It was rather unexpected,” said Lynden Dutch Bakery owner Chad Simmons. He said he didn’t enter the pie to receive the honor, but thinks the pie’s unique blend of flavors, hand-rolled crusts and filling made from scratch helped to land the mention. 

The bakery’s popular caramel apple pie is made with caramel crafted from scratch.

“It’s not a pie you’re going to find from anywhere else,” Simmons said. The apple pie recipe is one that has been handed down and perfected over the 110 years the Lynden Dutch Bakery has been operating, he added.

“I wish I could take credit for developing it, but I can’t,” Simmons said. “We’re more stewards of the recipes and the tradition and the history of the bakery. A lot of these recipes have been handed down from the predecessor and the predecessor before.”

The apple pie is offered at the downtown bakery location and at the newer venture, Just Desserts by Lynden Dutch Bakery, in the Fairway Center.

We Did It! Lynden wins 25K 1st Place in "America's Main Street" competition.


Proud to be part of this historical occasion, Lynden Dutch Bakery is central to the area of Front Street, the downtown area of Lynden. 

“After an incredible display of support for Main Streets from coast to coast, Independent We Stand is pleased to recognize Downtown Lynden in Lynden, Washington, as the grand prize winner of the “America’s Main Streets” contest – sponsored by STIHL Inc and FCA US. As a top ten finalist, Downtown Lynden, population 12,902, stood out among its fellow Main Streets with the most votes, after more than 280,000 total votes were cast by the public nationwide.

Downtown Lynden exemplifies the spirit and tenacity of small businesses to nurture community growth and empower one another in both good and tragic times.

In June 2008, a fire destroyed Downtown Lynden’s largest anchor building, a historic three-story building housing nearly a dozen independent businesses. In the years since, a growing and active Lynden Downtown Business Association began rebuilding with the help of local investors and volunteer support from the community. Their mission being to help their downtown core make an economic comeback. Some of their needs and goals include: creating a brand for the community, implementing wayfinding signage, creating a historical walking tour and upgrading their downtown beautification program.” Come and visit our bakery in Lynden!

Lynden celebrates 125th anniversary with 1,250 ft. World Record Strawberry Shortcake!


Lynden Dutch Bakery was a big part of the creation of this delightful record-breaker by supplying the shortcake from their bakery and delivering it in their signature orange delivery van. Check out what the Bellingham Herald had to say:

By Dave Gallagher June 5, 2016 

"We’ll see if it is one for the record books, but in the meantime thousands of people enjoyed themselves on Lynden’s 125th anniversary by eating what may be the longest known strawberry shortcake.

Like a well-oil machine, about 300 volunteers took what had been a parade route and set up four blocks of tables right down the middle of Front Street in a matter of minutes. That was followed by the house gutters, waxed paper, Lynden Dutch Bakery shortcake, strawberries from the Curt Maberry Farm, Edaleen Dairy ice cream, and Darigold whipped cream.

In a little over an hour after starting, the crowd sang the “Happy Birthday” song then dug into the 1,250-foot long strawberry shortcake, quickly polishing it off before the ice cream melted on a day with temperatures in the mid-80s. With the flags, tractors, and marching bands still in the area, it had an all-American look befitting a Norman Rockwell painting." 

"Currently Guinness World Records doesn’t have a category for longest shortcake, but the hope for Vis is that this will be added. In researching this event, he found the previous longest strawberry shortcake was 214 feet.

While the record would be nice, it was more about bringing the community together for something fun, Vis said. Companies donated the items for the event and volunteers put in plenty of work to make this happen, he said. The gutters will be cleaned and donated to Habitat for Humanity."

Dessert Lovers Delight! Now Open: Just Desserts by Lynden Dutch Bakery


Post in Our Lynden by  

By Joel VanderHoek

March 17, 2016 

"Just Desserts is a new twist on the historically popular offerings of the long-time Lynden bakery. Sweet favorites such as their handcrafted donuts, dessert bars and poffertjes muffins are plentiful at the new shop, as well as all-day hot breakfast offerings, sandwiches and an espresso bar."

Lynden Dutch Bakery Wins prestigious award for excellence.


Our very own Lynden Dutch Bakery wins Best of Lynden 2018 in Baked Goods!

Presented by the Lynden Tribune and the Lynden Chamber of Commerce. 

Lynden Dutch Bakery is voted one of the 10 Best Bakeries in Washington State!



Lynden Dutch Bakery, Lynden, WA

"Established in 1907, Lynden Dutch bakery has been pumping out mouthwatering foods for over a hundred years. There is something here for every taste. Lynden fuses time honored tradition with the imaginative, so the menu never gets dull. This is a local and tourist favorite.".

Lynden Dutch Bakery Featured in USA Today!


As 2016 came to a close, USA Today embarked on a  search for the best traditional New Years foods from around the world that can be found here in the United States. Individual restaurants and bakeries were named for their specialties, but our Lynden bakery was the BEST when it came to our Oliebollen.  Lynden Dutch Bakery has been known for many years for its delicious Oliebollen!  What is it? Oliebollen are traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve and at funfairs. In wintertime, they are also sold in the street at mobile stalls. The dough is made from flour, eggs, yeast, some salt, milk, baking powder and usually sultanas, currants, raisins and sometimes zest or succade (candied fruit). The word itself cam from 'Oil Balls' which were pastry fried in oil and because of that, the Dutch are credited with creating the first donut. (article no longer available) 

July 4th Block Party!


Lynden Dutch Bakery participates in many community events and contributes to the good will that Lynden shows to it's citizens and neighbors. On July 4th, 2017 we had live music, BBQ, Poffertjes, overflow taps, trucks & small town fun! Block Party! 

WA Grown Raspberry Pie

Fresh Raspberry Pie being crafted at Lynden Dutch Bakery

Videos of some of our recent activities!

World's longest Strawberry Shortcake- 

it's a world record! 

More on the strawberry shortcake adventure!

Winner of America's Main Street Contest 2016 - Lynden!

Great American Route 66 Road Trip

To kick off the 2016 America's Main Streets Contest, Independent We Stand took off on a five day road trip across the southwest portion of the U.S. - celebrating Main Streets and the small businesses that occupy them.