What They Are Saying About Our Lynden Bakery

Yelp: 5 Stars 11/3/2017


 The girls were so polite, the cafe is super clean and adorable and the food is incredible. DH and I stopped in for lunch and had subs which were piled high with meat cheese and fresh veggies.

Not only was our first visit awesome, but we also decided to stop in later that night after a really sucky day we wanted a treat to make us feel better. The girls there completely turned our day around being sweet and joking w us.

Great job ladies! I wish I didn't live so far away.

Yelp: 5 Stars 9/18/2017


 The caramel apple mini pies here are heavenly. I think it's probably the best pie I've eaten in many years! (I've done a lot of baking so should know what a great crust tastes like). The apple filling was full of flavorful apples and cinnamon, too. Topped with a thick layer of caramel frosting that was buttery & softened when heated; each bite was scrumptious! Will be adding this to our regular stops when heading to BC at Sumas.

Yelp: 5 Stars 12/8/2017


 Super friendly staff and an amazing assortment of treats, muffins, donuts, cookies, pies, cakes, cupcakes, sandwiches, soups, and breads... my son and I like to go for lunch and share a bowl of homemade soup and a treat together. A small town slice of heaven! 

Yelp: 5 Stars 5/21/2016


This bakery does not disappoint!  And, the staff is amazing.  We have found only friendly, courteous staff each time we've visited (4 so far).  We drive an hour to come here-- whenever we want truly good, like-Mom-used-to-make, delicious bakery goods. 

Yelp: 5 Stars 1/12/2017


 This is normally where I'd post a long-winded review, but...

It's Lynden Dutch Bakery.
Lynden is a haven for good food, but Lynden Dutch Bakery takes the cake. (Sorry.)
I usually go to Just Desserts, but both storefronts are staffed by the friendliest folk, so you can pick whichever is closest to you/you prefer.

Absolutely everything they make is incredible. You want a gigantic maple bar? They can do that. Festive holiday stuff? Yep, that too. Something unexpected and seasonal? Just plain unexpected? Traditional Dutch classics? Non-traditional sweet innovations? Sachertorte?!

And I hear tell the savory offerings are pretty great too, but the I'm committed to living the life of a sucrostarian.

(My personal faves are their marshmallow-cream maple-chocolate donut bars and the Olie-Bollen, deep fried donut holes!) 

Yelp: 5 Stars 2/18/2015


 Great, friendly hometown style bakery! I had an assortment of muffins, cookies, and a chai.

My review does NOT cover the cafe/food items, pie, bread or coffee. Just the pastries  I tried (which were good!)

One thing to note, not everything in there is strictly Dutch. Plenty of traditional American style baked goods in there.

The poffertje muffins were excellent and get high praise from me! Fantastic texture and flavor with the frosting on top not overpowering the pastry. Loved it! Had never seen those before at any other bakery.

The amandel cookies were crispy for a cookie, which I don't normally like, but the delightful almond flavor made it a keeper.

The cheesecake bar was quite good too! The only I enjoyed had a cookie bottom and I believe raspberry or cheery accent filling. Decadent taste and texture.

My chai was perfect.

The place was filled with locals enjoying a sleepy Tuesday morning. Service was very friendly and the staffer was able to give fantastic and knowledgable descriptions of everything in the case.

I'm not in this town very often, so I will make it a point to stop by when I am. Well done, little town of Lynden!