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Lynden Dutch Bakery

Oliebollen - Dozen

Oliebollen - Dozen

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Step into a world of timeless delight with our Traditional Oliebollen - a Dutch culinary treasure that's perfect for every occasion! Crafted with passion and expertise, these deep-fried dough balls have earned a special place in every Dutch household, making them an ideal choice to celebrate any occasion!

Indulge in the rich flavors of our 12-Pack of Traditional Oliebollen, now available in three tempting variations to suit every palate:

  1. Glazed Perfection: Experience the indulgence of our Glazed Oliebollen, featuring a luscious coating that adds a sweet and glossy finish to the golden exterior. Each bite is a harmonious blend of crispy and glazed goodness.

  2. Powdered Sugar Delight: Revel in the classic charm of our Powdered Sugar Oliebollen. These delectable treats are generously dusted with a snowfall of powdered sugar, creating a heavenly combination of sweetness and texture.

  3. Cinnamon Sugar Bliss: For those who love a hint of spice, our Cinnamon Sugar Oliebollen is a perfect choice. Each bite is a delightful dance of warm cinnamon and sugar, creating a symphony of flavors that captures the essence of Dutch culinary tradition.

  4. Assorted Delights : Can't decide? Opt for our Variety Pack, featuring four of each flavor. It's the ultimate Oliebollen experience, ensuring that every moment is a celebration of flavor.

Why choose our Traditional Oliebollen?

  1. Crafted Tradition: Our Oliebollen recipe reflects a commitment to preserving the essence of Dutch culinary heritage, offering a taste that has become a staple in celebrations and gatherings.

  2. Culinary Delight: The perfect balance of sweet and fruity notes makes our Oliebollen a delightful treat that suits any celebration, from casual get-togethers to special occasions.

  3. Easy to Enjoy: Our 12-Pack is designed for sharing, making it convenient for you to savor these delectable Dutch delights with your loved ones.

Whether you're continuing a cherished tradition or discovering the joy of Oliebollen for the first time, our Traditional Oliebollen - 12 Pack with a variety of mouthwatering options is the perfect addition to your year-round repertoire. Order now and let the authentic taste of Dutch tradition elevate every moment!

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